As a rule, the membership of Tartumaa Health Council has been one of the largest in Estonia. Tartumaa Health Council aims at representing as many different sectors and stakeholders as possible. The current 31-member county health council was formed by a merger of the former health council, drugs prevention council and trauma prevention team.
The intersectoral team is committed to finding solutions to local problems and making their contribution to the common good as much as their time allows. Most members are well-known and renowned leading figures, university teachers, trainers and opinion leaders in their own field. 

A County Safety Council, composed of the leading figures of public authorities, has also been operational in the county since 2015. In order to avoid wasteful overlapping of people, activities and areas covered, there is a plan to merge these current structures and set up a joint Tartumaa Cooperation Council for Welfare (composed of sectoral sub-committees) in 2021.