Tartu Centre for Creative Industries

Tartu Centre for Creative Industries is an umbrella organisation which, on the one hand, coordinates the activities of creative industries in Tartu, offers information about creative industries, provides training opportunities and organises various events, and on the other hand, is a business incubator which offers legal and business consultancy services as well as business incubation services for creative entrepreneurs.

Tartu Business
Advisory Services

Tartu Business Advisory Services is a regional development centre which is responsible for supporting entrepreneurship through providing consultancy services and training for both operating as well as start-up enterprises, for students and non-profit associations. Tartu Business Advisory Services is also responsible for implementing PATEE programme in Tartumaa, which is aimed at fostering economic growth and employment outside of metropolitan areas.

Visit Tartu

Visit Tartu, also known as Tartu County Tourism Foundation, is in charge of coordinating tourism-related development activities in Tartu and Tartumaa, including marketing the region, developing tourism products, branding, collecting, analysing and disseminating tourism-related information as well as promoting business and conference tourism.

Tartu Rural
Development Association

Tartu Rural Development Association is a local action group set up under the LEADER Initiative. It is active in 8 local municipalities and one of the cities of Tartumaa. Tartu Rural Development Association brings together 38 enterprises and 53 representatives of the non-profit sector. We value natural environment, ancestral traditions and people with their wisdom, skills and capabilities. We focus on creating beneficial and profitable innovative products and services which make the best use of local resources.

Tartumaa Public
Transport Centre

Tartumaa Public Transport Centre is in charge of organising public transport in the county. In addition to road transport, it is also in charge of waterborne transport as there is an all-year round ferry connection between the mainland and the Island of Piirissaare. Service on this route is operated by ferryboat Koidula during the navigation period and a hovercraft in winter.

Tartumaa Regional
Sports Association

Tartumaa Regional Sports Association is an umbrella sports organisation whose members include the sports clubs and associations of the County of Tartumaa. It serves as an information centre for all sports organisations and sporting staff of the county (physical education teachers, coaches, tutors and other sports technicians and staff of sports clubs, judges/referees, sponsors, etc.) as well as athletes, sports veterans and sports fans.

Võrumaa Development Centre

Võrumaa Development Centre Foundation is a member of the Estonian Network of County Development Centres. A County Development Centre contributes to the pursuit of activities of civil society organisations in the county and encourages the emergence and success of citizens´ initiatives and actions. It disseminates information about and to the local civil society actors.