The Association of Municipalities of Tartu County

The Association of Municipalities of Tartu County associates eight local municipalities. Our priorities for action are culture, education, welfare, as well as various cooperation activities at county, regional and national level. In addition, we are responsible for implementing various national programmes.

Our Mission
Advocating for the development of the entire county and promoting collaboration between local municipalities through acting as a competent and balanced champion of county-wide agenda, a guardian of the precious identity and heritage of Tartu County as well as a partner in the long-term strategic planning of the county.

Our Vision
The Association of Municipalities of Tartu County is a professional regional cooperation organisation renowned in Estonia for being a cooperative partner who is focused on providing solutions.

Our Values
We attach great importance to co-creative mindset, encourage the involvement of various stakeholders in the development process and share the following core values:
  •   Cooperativeness
  •   Readiness to innovate
  •   Reliability
  •   Competence
  •   Orientation towards solutions
Our Objectives
Advocating for balanced and sustainable development of the County of Tartu through joint actions of the local municipalities of Tartumaa, preservation and promotion of local cultural traditions, representing the county and our members, pursuing common interests of our members, promoting cooperation between local authorities and bodies and creating better opportunities to carry out statutory tasks for our members.