Development Project - Cooperative School

The aim of the project is to develop a concept and value proposition for Kammeri School, including:
  • the analysis of the state of play of Kammeri School,
  • its role in the school network of our county,
  • its target group of students and main policies,
  • its management structure (including the legal form of school owner), and
  • its funding model.
The project activities will be carried out as follows:
  • Phase 1 – March to April 2021,
  • Phase 2 – May to June 2021,
  • Phase 3 – a three-year transitional plan (will be developed after Phase 2).
Applying for additional funding from EEA and Norway Grants programme “Local Development and Poverty Reduction” (call for proposals “Integrated Support Services to Prevent Early School Leaving”).