The Association of Tartu County Municipalities is coordinating the development activities which have been jointly undertaken by local municipalities in the field of culture. Through joint action and with combined efforts it is possible to facilitate the creation of a cooperative, unique and varied cultural environment in Tartu County.


A varied and well-coordinated cultural life in Tartu County offers a wealth of opportunities for participation to local people and our guests. Tartu – European Capital of Culture 2024 title will provide an extraordinary opportunity for the entire county to offer world-class cultural programme and increase international outreach and visibility. The continuity of cultural life is safeguarded by active local communities and local leaders and supervisors who tirelessly work for the sake of inspiring ever new generations to participate in cultural life and think creatively. Culture has close links with other sectors and sustains the holistic development of people and local communities.


The cultural operators of Tartu County have agreed to be guided by the following fundamental principles:

Cooperativeness – between people, local municipalities as well as sectors.
Competence – we value commitment, faculty for analysis and integrity.
Readiness to innovate – we value entrepreneurial mindset, creativity and ability to develop.


1. Maintain varied and high-quality cultural life in Tartu County in a manner worthy of the title of the European Capital of Culture.
2. Ensure the availability of professional and motivated leaders and supervisors in the cultural sector across Tartu County.
3. Support local initiative and communities who stick together to ensure the viability of cultural life in Tartu county.
4. Ensure that culture and creativity make a substantial contribution to local development in every corner of Tartu County.