One of the roles of the Association of Tartumaa Municipalities is to develop and steer the field of education at county level:
  • to set up and coordinate networks of cooperation between the associations of the teachers of various subjects and heads of general education schools and pre-school childcare institutions in the county,
  • to coordinate Olympiads and competitions in various subjects as well as student events at county level,
  • to create favourable conditions for the smooth functioning and development of Tartumaa Cooperation Assembly of Municipal Education Authorities, and
  • to ensure county-based coordination and development of national sectoral activities as well as activities shared across several municipalities.

Our education sector in figures

Tartu, the county seat, is Estonia´s centre of higher education with several internationally renowned insititutions of higher education, read more.

There are 34 municipal kindergartens and 1 private kindergarten in the County of Tartumaa.

There are 30 municipal kindergartens and 11 private kindergartens in the City of Tartu, read more.

There are 29 general education schools in the County of Tartumaa.

There are 31 general education schools in the City of Tartu, read more

There are 4 state-owned general education schools for students with special educational needs, 5 vocational schools and 12 institutions of higher education in the City of Tartu.