Conference Agenda and Presentations

9.30 am to 10.00 am Gathering

10.00 am to 10.20 am Opening
Opening words, Madis Kallas, Minister of Regional Affairs of the Republic of Estonia
Greetings, Priit Lomp, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee 
Greetings, Priit Värv, vice-chairman of the board of the Association of Municipalities of Tartu County and mayor of Elva municipality

10:20 am to 11:25 am
Alain Grenard "Local product in school food, a win - win situation" 
Alain is a catering manager in Karlstad, Sweden.

Jennifer Avci "Shaping Farm to School programs"
Jennifer is a food enthusiast, founder of Sustainable Gastro, Baltic coordinator of the "Farm to School" program.

11.45 am to 12.45 pm
Triin Muiste "The future of school food"
Triin is a nutritional therapist and experiential trainer and the founder of the NGO Meelte Kool.

Elen Peetsmann "Bottlenecks of mild preference"
Elen is the head of the Organic Center of the Estonian University of Life Sciences

Meelis Mõttus "Producer's inspiration - local and organic"
Meelis is the CEO of Metsavenna Meierei

12.45 pm to 1.15 pm
A panel where Triin Muiste, Elen Peetsmann and Meelis Mõttus participate in the conversation.
The moderator is Urmas Vaino.

1.15 pm to 2.30 pm Lunch at Elva Gymnasium (Puiestee 2, Elva)
A walk to the gymnasium canteen for lunch and back to the Elva Cultural Center.

2:30 pm to 2:40 pm Krista Loog, SA Elva Tenused and The Naturist representative will share the story of how lunch is made.
Presentation of the Naturist

2:40 pm to3:40 pm
Sirle Sõstra-Oru "How to make a procurement that increases the quality of school meals?"
Sirle is a senior specialist in the management service of the Urban Assets Department of the Tartu City Government and stands for the organization of a good catering service for schools and kindergartens in the city of Tartu.

Aaro Lode "Catering service provider's view"
Aaro is the manager of Baltic Restaurants Estonia.

Tiit Toots "Valuation center for garden products of South Estonia. Võru county organic agreement"
Tiit is the manager of Võrumaa Development Center.

3:40 pm to 4:30 pm
A panel where Sirle Sõstra-Oru, Aaro Lode and Tiit Toots take part in the conversation. Chairman  of the Economic Affairs Committee Priit Lomp and Chairman of the Rural Affairs Committee Urmas Kruuse will join the panel.
The moderator is Urmas Vaino.

Photos of the conference are here.