Interreg Europe Programme project Rural Youth Europe

The Association of Municipalities is participating in Interreg Europe project Rural Youth Future. The project aims at improving employment opportunities for young people in rural areas and supporting sustainable rural development.

Project partners are:
  -  Galicia Europe Foundation, the General Directorate of Youth, Participation and Volunteer (Spain) - lead partner of the project,
  -  the Association Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth and the Municipality of Peshtera (Bulgaria),
  -  the Smart House, Institution For Research And Sustainable Development Martjanci (Slovenia),
  -  the University of Latvia (Latvia),
  -  the Association of Municipalities of Tartu County (Estonia),
  -  the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (Portugal),
  -  the KMOP Policy Center ASBL (Belgium).

To achieve its goals, the project will address the following policy instruments: ESF+ Galicia 2021-2027 Operational Programme, in Spain, Integrated Development Plan 2021-2027 of Peshtera Municipality (IDP), in Bulgaria, Local development strategy of Local action group Goričko 2020 for the programming period 2021-2027, in Slovenia, Children, Youth, and Families Guidelines for 2021-2027, in Latvia, National Youth Plan, in Portugal, and Tartu County Development Strategy 2040, in Estonia.

The project is directly connected to the following Tartu County Development Strategy 2040 measures:
Entrepreneurship - Involving young people and developing entrepreneurship
  -  Expanding the development programmes of mentors supporting youth entrepreneurship, which includes connecting the network of local government entrepreneurship specialists to their activities.
  -  Supporting initiatives promoting youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy at the county level and developing educational materials.
  -  Empowerment of youth councils and student councils.
  -  Development of a county cooperation network that empowers and supports young people.

Project period: 1.03.2023 - 1.03.2027
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