Purpose of development

In the vision of the county development strategy 2040, Tartu County is the center of Estonian culture and education. Knowledge of Tartu as a green university and European capital of culture will spread across Europe in 2024. Tartu County is a place where you can live longer and healthier, raise children in a safe and clean environment, acquire a good education, do interesting and rewarding work and participate in the activities of active communities.

Our action is based on a co-creative way of thinking. We solve development bottlenecks that hinder the successful functioning of communities in cooperation with local government leaders and specialists. To this end, we have initiated co-operation bodies, where specialists in the field can exchange experiences, harmonize understandings of laws, etc. while staying in a common information space.

The comprehensive development of the region is important to us, therefore we are the leaders of South-Estonian co-operation, because the concerns of the five counties are common and they can be solved more successfully in mutual co-operation.
We also initiate and implement various projects across the county.

We believe that together we can go further!